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October 23, 2008


Have you ever watched Kasih Iftitah at tv.3?

Please say yes!! Because I am so frustrated with the story. Btw, I've just watched a few episodes (itu pun while ironing baju in my room because tv in my room takde as.tro..sighhhh)

Anyway, like I mention, I am so frustrated with the drama. Not the storyline, tho. The storyline memang typical la. A loves B, C loves B. B got confused. D is the evil guy trying to get A or C..yada..yada..yada..yada!

I just get so angry with the costume, especially Sharifah Hasleenda's attire. She's potraying a Muslimah corporate figure. Ok fine, but what's up with the kung fu jubah (jubah yg ada belah kiri kanan, in fact depan), multi layer tudung AND a big budak2 necklace (you know yg jual kt sinma yg ada macam2 kaler, bulat2 besar tu?). Is that really A corporate outfit?
Gosh!! I have never encountered such Muslimah corporate lady wearing that..ok..ada laa a few but that is considered not corporate at all!
So do you think this outfit pass as a Muslimah corporate look? I say yes! Btw, I like the jacket so much. Cantik!!

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