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October 20, 2008

Hectic Weekend


Well, my hectic weekend started since Friday. Went to my cousin's house in Desa Pinggiran Putra (neighbouring Putrajaya) to see+help her nikah day preparation. I went there with Dania and my mum. Our heroes are busy with works. Arrived there around 5pm and OMG, sgt banyak yang belum siap. I yang panic terlebih. Hehehehe.. So helped out mana yg boleh.

Early Saturday morning, we all 1 family dh smpi ke tempat kejadian nikah. As usual, as sedara mara ni, kena la tolong2 kan. Kejap ke dapur, kejap ke bilik pengantin, kejap kejar anak (dengan aksi kebaya..kejar pun mcm lari2 anak je la). It was hectic but fun! Meeting relatives, eating, gossiping, photo shooting. The official photographer took quite a number of Dania's photos....Mak suka sangat!!! Hahahaha...

My cousin, the bride! Her dress is lovely!

Us. Pelamin blkg tu my uncle buat. We used to call him 'pak abu' He did my pelamin years back! He has such magical hands!
Then, around 3pm left for hubby's staff open house in Ampang. Jenuh la meredah jam dari Putrajaya ke Ampang. Luckily we took Kajang Silk and lalu ikut Pandan Indah. By the time we arrived, its almost 4.30pom and my eyes are like shutting. I need to sleep. Tapi tak kan la nk tido kt rumah orang kan? LoL!!

Then, around 5.30pm balik rumah. Well, this is not the end yet! I still have a wedding reception to go at 8pm. Gosh!! Once home, cpt2 gosok baju, get dressed everything and rushed to Mutiara Upper East Condo. Its our family fren's wedding. Its a garden like wedding. Cantik, very casual. Ada playground for the kids. (So boleh imagine la I in kebaya mengejar Dania main sana sini kan! Berpeluh 1 badan). Around 1030pm, the majlis ended. Went straight home.

the sweet couple. ada VIP..I think you know who! :)

Thought I can sleep? Nahhhhh....I have relatives came and sleep over at our house. So harus la bersosial dulu. I ended up snuggling in my bed at 1215am.

Woke up early..very unusual! Hahahaha...ye laa...ada sedara kt rumah tak kan nak bgn lambat kan?? Siap2 kan simple breakfast. One thing I like my makcik2 kalau datang rumah, they will cook for us. Its a tradition. They will cook simple kampung dishes, and then we all eat ramai2. Kejam ke? No laa...they are the ones yang nak masak..Akak suka jeeee!! *ngeeee*

Then around 2pm, they left. Headed back to kampung in the east coast. Barula dapat rehat!

That's my hectic weekend! What about yours? Care to share? :P


Kak Teh said...

ehem ehem..cantiknya beg merah tu..kalau close-up lagi cantikkk...hehe..mana u beli?

mommy said...

i beli kt butik ler...hahahahah!!! warning, jgn tinggal beg merata2! hahahahahaha