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October 28, 2008

rare occasion

faces of Dania
This is a very rare occasion. Why? I call it rare because Dania hates camera. She hardly smiles in front of the camera, to the extend, she turns right or left but not to the camera.
This happened yesterday morning. I think its because she likes the pink+brown leopard print shirt so much that she's in the mood to smile for the camera. She calls the shirt as baju raya nia.. :)
Anyway, I had fun taking her photos yesterday morning. And oh boy, it took me like nearly an hour to get her dress. Seriously!
After shower with abah, I put on her dyper. And ask her to choose which she wants to wear. Macam menyesal mak okeh! That only took like 10mins and finally she picked the shirt and pants. And I thought I can wear her but no! She wants to put them on her by herself. And guess what, I manage to get dressed myself, make the bed and put on my mosturizer, foundation etc and she is still struggling with the pants. Baju dah pakai, nasib! So I helped her and campur itu ini adala dekat sejam menyiapkan anak daraku!
But I still let her (walau dalam hati dh berderau jugak kena tunggu lama). I just let her be independant. Be individualistic, let her choose what she wants to wear (nasib la match..hahha).
I said to hubby, "tak boleh imagine kalau dh besar sket, sure lagi haru nak bersiap"
And hubby replied, "hmm..mcm mummy laa"
Err....tekena balik den!


Cutestamoi said...

Yep, cudnt agree more. What a VERY rare occassion nak tengok Dania senyum² camnie.. huhu. Aku dengki kat dagu die!!

mommy said...

kan??? dia mmg reserved type la. ikut abah. so unlike her mommy! hahahaha!