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October 9, 2008


its contagious..so be prepared!

that's it! I'm gonna go to a nearby bookstore today and get IT myself.

tak kira..nak jugek! supaya tak tertinggal keretapi...lagi!...huhuhu...


*new update*

Hmmm....frust la. I didn't manage to get IT. so...terpaksa make do with on screen, but I will get IT soonest possible. I mean, ok, I didn't know it was from a book then a film. I usually have the first taste through book then later film. Like Harry Potter, Memoirs of a Geisha, LOTR just to name a few.
So...frust punya pasal, I ended up buying something else. I watched the film, and it was awesome. So I bought it for my mum because I know she will love it too. So, tonite is the time to get mushy mushy with my mum.
A cup of hot choc, dengan kerepek pedas, tissues sekotak, blanket. Set!!
Where shall I leave papa, hubby and Dania? Hmmm.....

best kan 'sepi'? I love it! Can't wait for Yasmin Ahmad's Mualaf.


noba said...

i like sepi..but i like cinta more!
rasa cam cinta lagi kick especially part rashidi & rita also rahim razali tu...

mommy said...

i love both. i'm a sucker at lovey dovey movies nih. heheheh