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November 28, 2008

1.2.3 and a.b.c

As usual, when I fetched Dania from her nursery, I will ask her what did she learn today at school. And usually, ntah apa-apa dia jawab.

Yesterday, I asked again. And she answered these:

'1,2,3 and a.b.c'

I asked again. Saje nak ngusik dia. She answered:

'1.2.3 AND a.b.c!!!'

I never expected her to answer with 'AND' word.
Wow!! Anak mommy dh pandai guna conjunction laa. *clap2!*

And last night, I ordered 2 large domino's pizza for dinner. Once arrived, box opened, she said this excitedly:

'WOW! banyaknye!!' (siap clap her hands)

We all laughed. I wonder where she gets that sentence.

Kudos cayang. Mommy doakan anak mommy bijak & pandai. Amin.


Kak Teh said...

kids nowadays memang kann..... good for dania since she's at nursery, senang catch up. Hannah mostly catch up with her bros. She can now sing Peter Pan song, Ada apa dgnmu. Very loud at the chorus.

Kak Teh said...

And oso, children now are "competitive". I already worry on ammar and aqil result when I saw B. Though UPSR is another 3 yrs away...make sure they must get A. See, to the extent.

Fateen said...

gud girl..mmg seronok bila anak2 dh start blaja ni..lebih2 lg bila dok kat nursery..

mommy said...

whooaaa k aya, give them a break. nt braindrain, lg susah!