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November 11, 2008

Yes people! No kidding!
And at 1035am I called hubby to remind him. Luckily he has his officemate who is kind enuff to share the price. So its 1 cake at half the price.

I am still waiting for hubby to call/sms me the flavor of the cake. Can't wait!
Update at 530pm: Hubby's friend's said its choc fudge. TQ Kak Ina!!! :)


mrs noba said...

hah? really???
uish, i dah la jauh dari secret recipe...hmmphh, telan air liur je la :(

mommy said...

xpe, beli 1 slice sbg ganti.

Fateen said...

huaa..miss it laaa....

mommylyssa said...

hmmm... now i terasa cam nak makan cake!!