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February 13, 2009

Ada Apa Dengan..


I am sure everyone is aware tomorrow is the V day. Oh no, I am not celebrating it in whatever way but I am a bit confused and annoyed with some people who say they don't celebrate V day but they celebrate love. What's that supposed to mean?

For instance, last week I watched Ria.Sentral. Yasmin Hani was interviewing the Spa Q's theme song singer what is her plan for V day. Well, typically she answered she and hubby are not celebrating V day....BUT since D.K's birthday is in Feb, they are going for a romantic dinner of sort. Huh??

And this morning, while listening to Hot.FM, again, they declared they are not celebrating V day but today they celebrate love or something. So everybody are welcome to call in and choose love songs and dedicate to their loved ones. What the f*** heck? memangla best dapat dengar lagu-lagu jiwang ni kan. Why today and not any other day?

And tomorrow is also the wedding of those two celebrities. I think you know who. The young boy with the super cun single mother who dance really well. Why tomorrow, come again? Ohh, its Valentine!!


1 comment:

Mrs Noba said...

hahaha..i pun layan jer lagu yg kuar kat radio tuh tadik.
bukan senang depa nak play the old skool love songs!