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November 24, 2009

I Worked Hard Like Mad Dog

Yes, I worked hard. To the extend that it causes limited family time. I worked till wee hours, and sometimes I left Dania and Mr hubby all alone taking care of each other. Not that Mr Hubby didn't work hard, oh yes he did! But my works requires me to travel north and south, and sometimes staying back at the office to finish off tenders and proposals.

Some people say, why the need to work so hard, at the end of the day you still get your paycheck. Not me, at least not in our company. Our style is, you work hard and smart, you get the projects and boom!! You get the bonus. We don't have KPI or KRA or whatever. Our performance are based on the money generated into the company. That's why we get bonuses every 3 or 4 months. Best kan?? Ohh....tapi tidaklah banyak macam big companies tu, bagi bonus 6 bulan, 12 bulan. Ngeeeeee

Dapat ini dengan bag nya sama....ohhhhhh!!!

So, why do I worked so hard, other than to have extra cash every now and then? Untuk sapa lagi kalau bukan untuk diri sendiri dan.....

si buah hati pengarang jantung beta.

untuk family. Whatelse kan? Then, ada extra lagi, kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa splurgeeeeeeee!!!!


Anonymous said...

betul. anything utk pengarang jantung hati. then if ada extra br kita splurgeeeeeeee

MommyDania said...

Has: betul! hehehe