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October 7, 2010

Super Addictive.................To a Girl?

While bloghopping, I came across a blog that is solely dedicated to a celebrity's daughter. Ala paparazzi la. Everything about the little girl is mentioned in the blog. EVERYTHING! Especially her clothes. The blogger even go to the extend of digging information as what brand the celebrity daughter is wearing. Wow!! Taksub betul la.

Sapa celebrity daughter tu? Definitely not in Malaysia la. Its Hollywood ya'll. And who celebrity daughter yang sangatlah famous itu? Of course, none other than this cute girl,

Cute sangat!

Check out her (or his) blog that dedicated to Suri Cruise. Sapa-sapa nak anak dia dress exactly like Suri, you can always take this blog as reference. Phewhh, dasat jadi orang Hollywood nih...

Pic is googled.


:: nia rashid :: said...

checked in out dah! btol ckp u..dasattt!
ada x anak celebrity msia yg ada dedicated blog like dat? hehe..

FAM said...

Nia: hye awak! kannnn??? gila rajin blogger tu. hahahaha. addicted to anak org is creepy, no?

ArELeEz said...

mmg dasat! kecik2 lagik dah jadik fashion icon. comeynye suri..

FAM said...

Areleez: skrg tgh kecik xtau apa, okla kut. takut nt dh besar, tension pulak. kesiannn