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December 16, 2010

Customer Service

Biasa dak uols call mana2 cust service? Of course la kan? And usually when you call, you are in the state of unsatisfied feeling over something and hoping the cust serv to solve your prob. Betul dok?

I have been mingling with cust serv people these couple of days and man,


Seriously. Imagine everyday dapat call orang marah2, maki hamun and yet, you have to stay calm. Its like do not put fire on fire. Easier said than done. Once a cust serv people said, they even receive death threat over the phone.

Takut ok!

Maka selepas ni, bila call cust serv, janganlah marah2 ye. Peringatan untuk diri sendir jugak ni. *peace*

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1 comment:

Ayin Masliza said...

hahahah.... iyer peringat untuk saya juga.... saya follower awak yang ke 101.... nombor chantekkk...