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December 31, 2010

Menutup Tirai 2010

With lotsa events and going on.

With Malaysia won Suzuki Cup for the first time. Congrats Team Harimau.

With the submission of a BIG proposal (not me but Mr Hubby). Hoping for the best. Kalau dapat, laki haku jadi saudagar laa. Hahahaha

With Dania leaving her current school and embarking on her new school, insya Allah.

With no new handbag...sob sob

With new spirit for 2011!!! Oh yeahhhh!!!!

Selamat Tahun Baru (again) 2011. May Allah bless us all ;)


Joy said...

Salam Tahun Baru 2011!

Siti Fatimah said...

Wishing U & Family a Blessed New Year, have a great & fruitful year in 2011.