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September 23, 2008

1 year 9 months

Yeah! yeah!
She's 1 year 9 months or 21months and another 3months only to enjoy infants price on M.AS or Air.Asia.
And now it got me thinking whether I'm ready for second. Do I? Do I?! Some people said its the best time. So Dania nanti ada kawan to play with. Well, she has lotsa friends at school.
Mommy: Nia, sapa kawan Nia kt school?
Dania: Nana!
Mommy: Lagi?
Dania: Diba! Hafiz! Kak Mona, Kak Iena. Adik!
Those are her favorite friends and teachers. And her teacher said she's good with babies. She even help the babies ie bagi minum susu, she holds the bottle for the baby. Sweet ayy? I notice a few times when she is with babies. She plays ciku cak making the baby laugh. When the baby laughs, she claps her hand. Success I guess!
But when I ask her this:
Mommy: Nia, Nia nak adik?
Dania: Tak nakkk...(siap geleng kepala)
Mommy: Nape?
Dania: Tak besh
Hmmm...I wonder if she really understand 'tak best' tu. Because I use 'tak best' referring to teh tarik or 100.plus, just to make her dislike it. What do you think? Is it time? hmmmm....
Anyway, lets see her milestones so far:
She can talk quite clearly. She can make a sentence of three words, eg:
1. mommy nia atuh (mommy nia jatuh)
2. nanti cococh atang (nanti cockroach datang) I always 'ugut' her with this kalau dia tak nak mandi/gosok gigi/cebok! Hehehehe...cruel mommy!
Sangat kuat mengadu, especially to her papatuk(granddad)
1. papatuk, abah nia jatuh (papatuk, abah wat nia jatuh)
She's has every girls traits. Very excited with new dresses. Everytime we said cantiknya Dania, she blushes. Everytime I do my make-up routine, she's there, immitating my actions. She loves shoes. Period! Very obsessed with shoes. Her Nenda bought her two pairs of shoes for raya, and everyday dia mesti try kasut tu. She must be thinking, bila la nak raya nih. Hehehe..
That's her...the joy and pride of all of us. And I believe every parents out there are proud of their offsprings, kan? kan? :)

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mommylyssa said...

kenalah bawak dania jalan2 before she turns 2 ;-)