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September 22, 2008

I.setan Member's Presale!!!

Haha...I even took a leave last friday just to join the presale rush! Well, I didn't really took leave as I just informed my boss aka my dad that I'm going to a sale and not coming to the office. Hehehe..But half way browsing, selecting and shopping he called as one of my clients insisted on a proposal. So kena balik to the office. Sheessss!

Well, reached KLCC aproximately 9.50am and headed to May.bank to do some money matters. Baru akak tau bank2 dlm shopping complex bukak lambat ikut kedai. Huhuhu..And I was membebel apasal bank ni tak bukak2 lagi and its already 9.55am, and there's a bee line queing waiting for the bank to open its business. Saya sangat tak kuasa nak join the crowd beratur terus menuju ke I.setan.

OMG! There is even longer que waiting to enter. And I tried so hard to remember kut2 ada goodies bag ke for early birds but no. na.da! I wonder the first person to enter que at God-knows-what-time! And there I was standing nearby contemplating to join the que or headed back to the bank. Well, bank first. Priority!

see the que, taken at 9.55am. Bayangkan yg diri depan tu pukul bape dia que. fuhhh!

At about 10.45am, I'm done with money matters and straight away to I.setan. Fuhh, mmg ramai orang! I just dunno where to begin. So I headed to shoes area and got myself another pair of shoes. *ngeee*.

Then to my utmost important level, KIDS! Lagi ramai. I saw mak-mak with berbakul2 baju. Wow, this is serious shopping. I just bought Dania a dress and some shirts for raya. Later to men's dept to get some shirts for hubby and papa. I did not manage to get anything for mama as I didn't have a clue to what to get her. I think I belanja her baju raya la..kan?

antara rembatan yang berjaya dibuat. *ngeeeeee*

That's about the presale I went, and I left around 1pm with smiles all over my face and of course, an empty wallet. Huhuhuhu...darling, you pay my bills kay!

And as I left the parking area, there's two cars full of women waiting to get my space. I didn't bother to wait to see who got it. May best woman wins! Hahahaha

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mommylyssa said...

panjangnya que!!!!! i went to isetan the gardens... sib baik tak camtuu... pun borong baju baby jugak... mmg best!!