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September 18, 2008

Iftar & Surpriseeeeee!!! ngeeeeee

Last Monday, yours truly with my little rascal went to KLCC for berbuka puasa. Met hubby there since his office is in Menara T.A next door. Arrived there around 545pm and still a longggg way to berbuka time, I bring Dania to..every shop in Suria, just to feast my eyes aka window shopping! hehehehe...my all time favorite pastime. And I think I have past down the bad habit to Dania, she seems to love it, especially shoes. She just loves women shoes!!!

see..siap cabut kasut dia sbb nak try the 5" stilettos!
And believe it or not, better believe it! She can make comments on shoes I tried. Her comments include cantik and tak cantik aje la..and she's not even two yet! Sampai SA kt Park.son tu panggil geng2 SA suruh tgk kebijakkan anak dara saya ittewww...malu mak, tapi bangga dgn Dania. And when I told hubby, he smiles and geleng kepala. I know what's in his mind, habislaa...dh ikut perangai mummy. kopak wallet aku! Muahahahaha!!
Then it was time to berbuka. We just had some bread and drinks, then went to solat. After solat then we went to have real meal at MFM. They have this berbuka puasa set; mussels in butter sauce, seafood plater for two, tiramisu(sgt la sedap smpi mcm nk pesan lg..heheh) and sirap soya sea.sons (xsedap & xkena lngsg dgn menu) Dania loves the butter sauce so much.
riak wajah gumbira+nakal!

the seafood plater for two. for three pun blh.

haaa...what's in the bag? *grin*

Last Sept 11 was my birthday. I got a birthday cake from mum and also kain chiffon. I told hubby no need to get me anything coz last month dh beli beg, considered as birthday gift la. cesssss, ayat baik punye..hehehe..

But, knowing he is very loving and charming, he said I can ask for anything with the budget RMXXX but not handbag. Read: NO HANDBAG! He said he's tired of me having byk beg, tak la byk mana pun, tak penuh almari lg pun..huhuhu

So since dari td duk try shoes sana sini, I decided to get a pair of shoes. Everytime I like the shoes mesti size habis. I wonder having big feet(I'm a size 8 or 8.5) is common or vice versa. Hmmm... So lastly, I found one. Its high, yes! So I'm not gonna use it often, just like the bags I have. *sigh*

the S.H.O.E.S!

Thanks dear hubby! I love you so muchieee! ngeeeee


Fateen said...

window shop??hhehehee, suka gak..my dania kalau nampak shoes shoes or even pic pun dah cukup, dia akan ckp "Shoes Nia"...berulang2..waaaa, anak dara zmn skang..adv..

mrs noba said...

sangat tinggi!!!
last saturday, i tried a high heels (read:4 inches)
erghhh..tersiksa kaki :)

mommy said...

fateen: kita jumpa kt sini pulak ya! hehe

mrs noba: mmg seksa sbb tu kena pakai sekali skala jek. hhehe