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September 26, 2008

Raya Checklist! My baju finally siap..yippie!

Here is the checklist I scribble in my planner.
But this is the summary version. Kalau tgk yang dalam planner, sendiri tgk pun tak paham dh. hehehe...
Anyway, this year around the theme is silver millenium. There's a reason for the color I shall share it later on. So I think we are all ready for raya. Baju semua dh dapat. Kasut pun dh ada. The little girl is the most anxious one. Everytime she looks at her shoes and dresses, we all say,
"nanti ye Nia, kita tunggu raya nanti kita pakai.."
And she will give that blur look as if asking "bila nak raya?". Poor girl..
As per juadah raya, we have yet to have our biskut raya or any munchies for raya. I never do biskut raya, so does my mum. We both never like the idea of buat kueh raya and we never anticipate it. No offence to those yg suka buat kueh raya. And we hardly buy kueh raya. Sometimes the my dad's staff would give a box or two of kueh raya and that's it. Ohh, last year hubby bought some karipap and popiah kecik2 yg crispy tu, apa ntah namanye and I bought a box of kueh makmur cos its my fav. So this year, I think I'll search for it somewhere la..Janji ada sket la kan. Other menu for raya is yet to be discussed. My mum maybe would do her lontong, and I would do my easy peasy carbonara or lasagna. Ehh...ni raya ker krismas? Oh Oh!
For the casa...errr...my parents' casa, nothing much to be done. Just kemas2 and do the usual spring cleaning.
I guess, that's it. Tomorrow gonna search something for my mum & MIL. Hmm, I don't know what to get them. Kain, tudung, baju..semua dh bagi. Sandals? Hmm...

1 comment:

mrs noba said...

hmmm...way to go girl!!!
this year i pun pening nak beli apa utk my mom and PIL...
so i gave my mom her fav tudung & MIL i bagi handbag.
SELAMAT HARI RAYA to you and family :)