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October 6, 2008

here I am...again!

its Monday!
it's time to work again. *sighhhh*
piles of works need to be done. proposals, appointment letters..sheessshhh!
raya was ok. kesyukuran dalam kemeriahan (ala tagline tv.3).
will story bout raya later. and I also owe somebody cupcake entry. tungguuuuuu!!!
ok...back to work.
ohhh....my hubby is still on raya leave. ishh!! tak fair betul. and he just called, nak eksyen dia & dania tgh breakfast kt mc.donalds. huhhh!!
*new update*
hubby just called. and he said, 'jom dating! kita gi lunch nak?'
so, here I am, waiting for him to pick me up. makan apa ek sedap? hmmmmm...

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mrs noba said...

dating dgn hub??