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October 7, 2008

surprise lunch

SHOGUN Japanese Buffet
Yes! Its the surprise lunch hubby did yesterday. He fetched me from the office and straight to One.Utama.

So we had our lunch here at Shogun Japanese Buffet. Memang worth it. Food sangat banyak, imagine they have 3 or 4 types of soup, that includes sharks fin soup and cream of mushroom. If you like japanese and seafood, this is the place for big eaters. There's plenty of food to try. We didnot manage to try everything out..maknanya kena pegi lagi la....kan abang? hehehehe

i start off with these...yummy!

crab and cheese pun sgt sedap.

Yesterday when hubby called for lunch, he said dating. So I assume he'll gonna send Dania to her school. But after few minutes, I rang him back and said,
'Abang, nk lunch mana? Dania gi school ke?'

'Ada laa..hmm..nak bawak dia ke? Mcm kesian pulak tak bawak kan?'

'Haa..tu la...'

So, yes. Dating is still dating............................................. with the little 'penyibuk' tag along. I couldn't possibly think I can leave her while hubby and I enjoying our outings. But yeah, sometimes we did leave her with her papatuk and nenda because we need a few hours of our own and a getaway. Leaving her with my parents is way better than leaving her at school. At least my parents can still bring her somewhere and have that grandparents-grandchild-bonding. ceewaaahhh!

banyak betul mkn, tgk perut la...bulatttt!

tgh pikir nak makan apa lg or dh kekenyangan? errrrrr...

And I was so glad she's with us. She enjoys the food as much as we enjoyed it.


mrs noba said...

i tak pernah try lagi shogun nih...
but my friend kata the food lagi byk compared to saisaki yg kat uoa near klcc tu.
isk...nak gi try jugak nih.

mommy said...

u should go MN. mmg byk food! i think lg byk la dr hotel2 buffet.

Kak Teh said...

2 beranak yg over!!! heheheheh...

Kak Teh said...

eh silap masuk entry..ignore comment tu...