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October 8, 2008

We are still in raya mood, aren't we? YESSSS!!
When it comes to raya, one of the main agenda is MAKAN! Previous years I always baked chocolate cake..no..cakes. For my parents' house and MIL's house. But this time, dek kerana malas nak buat dua kali, I decided I want to make it into cupcakes. Its more manageable, rite?
Naaahhhhh...not quite.
But it was quite fun. All in the family helped..including the little dudette. Dia tolong makan je la.
Fazi, ini lah rupanye..amacam? OK? *ngeee*

before going into oven.
Dek kerana tray is MIA..1/2jam cari tray tak jumpa2. So I used the alluminium cup to support the papercup. Nasib baik ok.

still hot from the oven. just in time for berbuka, so we all pulun makan hot choc cup cakes.

hidangan pagi raya.

Dania's comment: mummy...dap! (mummy...sedap!)

Ahhhhh....makes the sweat worthwhile :)

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