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September 15, 2008

slips of the tongue

Dania is sometimes having difficulty calling me mummy. She usually calls me meme or mimi. And sometimes when she's in hurry, she just calls me ma. And when she's really in hurry, 'ma' applies to all, be it her abah, atuk, nenek and whoever she's calling. Pening mak lagu nih!

But she can pronounce abah very nicely and distinctively. Even papatuk is a piece of cake for her. But when it comes to nenda, she'll be like nen.a. or mummy becomes meme or mimi. *sigh*

And that's what makes they guys are so proud of themselves. Kononnye Dania sayang depa lebih.


this is Dania. on the way to her nursery or skul

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