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November 3, 2008

Another hectic weekend..sighhh!
But it was a good one...at least for my daughter.
Headed south to hubby's home in Muar on late friday nite. Then the next day he drove me all the way to Tanjung Kling as I have some work there, and back to Muar. Later that nite, he & Dania join me.
That's why I mention it was a HECTIC weekend.

Dania spent the whole saturday with her atuk & nenek. They were so delighted they can play with Dania so much so they brought her to Sua Rasa @ TV.9 (yg mcm jom.heboh tu) in Muar. Luckily ada event pulak. Oh yes, Dania paw atuk nenek macam2 okeh! Food, drinks, balloon, ice-cream, food again. *sigh*
Then, on sunday, after having breakfast, hubby brought her to the swimming pool. Hmm..she had fun la in the pool, sampai kecut+biru kulit2. But she didn't play or 'swim' so much as she was busy looking other boys & girls playing. Later in the afternoon, we headed home.

where we stayed and I had to work

Dania in the pool. dia duk jalan keliling pool and hubby pun kena ikut jalan keliling pool. :P

father & daughter-bonding moment

haaa...this one is purely candid. she was playing with her bear. konon2 bagi susu la tu..

Oh...if you are also heading to tanjung kling through klebang, make sure you find a gerai selling coconut shake. It was YUMMY I tell you. Too bad I just bought one. And it only cost RM1.80.

the yummy coconut shake!

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mrs noba said...

keh keh..kiut dania bagi susu yer?