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December 11, 2008

help-advise needed!

I am in dire need of help and advise from fellow mommys out there.

How do you potty train your child/ren?

Yes!! I am in dilemma of how am I going to train my daughter this. Almaklum laa...mommy ni first time jd mommy. Releven ke? I can teach her ABCs, 123s but this? I have no clue. Nada.

My SIL recommended this to start potty train.

Tapinya...mommy rasa tak kosa nyah nak cuci 'mangkuk tandas berisi' tu berkali2.........

Then, instead I think this would be better. Right?

I don't need to wash the 'elimination' right? I can just flush it down.

So mommys, please advise me!!!


Fateen said...

masa danish dolu, fateen guna mangkuk y murah jer tp still kena cucilah... tp kejap jer pakai sbb dia dh boleh guna toilet duduk tu dgn berpegang pada mama dia..so, dania nnt pun cenggitu gk kot.. lom start lg..

mrs noba said...

erm, the device is not so important. if you have the squatting toilet pun dah ok. yg penting is cara you nak ajar dia bagitau you/org yg she needs to go to the loo...

masa mula2 ajar tu, mungkin kena kerap ajak dia ke toilet. then kena cakap selalu kat dia yg kalo nak TERASA nak kencing kena ckp kat mommy...

erm, just my 2 cents :)

mommy said...

thank you both mommys!! really helpful. i'm starting to make regular trips to the toilet with her. every 1 hr or so. and she ended up saying this.."mommy!!! tak nak agi(lagi)!". dushhhh!!