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December 12, 2008

Cerita Raya

This time, we all went back to hubby's home at Muar. Ni kes awal-awal lagi dh disound oleh ayahanda untuk pulang beraya kerana beliau ingin tumbangkan seekor lembu sebagai korban. Its quite fun because everybody came back. The not so huge wooden house of PIL macam nak roboh with the two kids running here and there. My PIL currently have 3 grandchildren, 2 boys and 1 girl, and expecting another 2 boys by 2009. And yes, my daughter will still be the star because she's the only granddaughter for now. hehehehe

Anyway, back to raya story, the korban went smoothly despite it rained all day. We cooked rendang and sup tulang with toasted bread. There's also ketupat, lodeh, sambal kacang, ayam masak merah, kueh apam and a birthday cake.

I bought a birthday cake for Dania. Its still way too early but she doesn't know it yet, right? Dh ramai-ramai ni celebrate la ala kadar kan. Kids love cake kan?

Actual plan is to go back to KL on Tuesday but hubby decided to go back earlier so he can rest on Tuesday. So we all balik on raya itself, at 11.00pm, meredah jam bagai, sampai rumah almost 3am and zzzzzzzzzzzzz to lalaland.

Here are some pics of raya and tak raya also. *ngeee*

sempat layan car ride sebelum beli kek. p/s, I'm starting to like tudung cik ekin ni, tak perlu gosok and zazzz, mommy ready!!

the mini celebration. cousin dania yg over tiup candles....huhuhu

aktiviti memproses daging di belakang rumah. agenda korban dilakukan di masjid.

Agenda wajib bebudak ni..dh mandi mmg bercinta la nk suruh stop. Pls excuse the uncensored scenes ya.. :p

toodles peeps!


fazi said...

amboi..meriah nyer raya...Dania, xde wat party kat kl ke? jgn lupa invite Harris & Co ok...

Bulan.Luna said...

Looking for tie rack scarfs? visit us for choices =D

Kak Teh said...

oo dah wat party kat kg ropanya dania.....