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December 23, 2008


Sneezing all day!!!

Inilah jadahnya kalau malam2 minum juice, makan ice cream. As a result, I had sleepless nite. At about 3am I woke up looking for tissues, vicks and warm water. And I had to boil water in the middle of the nite to get some warm water. Hubby and Dania are sound asleep, tak sedar apa.
And since then, I cannot sleep.


The office bibik is so nice she made hot tea for me. Earl Grey lagi uuuuuuu....ntah mana dia dapat earl grey satchet tu.

Ohh..I must not complaint. I shud bersyukur I only have flu and nothing other serious illness. Yes?


Kak Teh said...

heee... i see now u r a junior of NTV7 reporter (the 'apa ke jadah' bro). You sound to like him ;) Anyway, get well soon couz!

mommy said...

apa kejadahnya. siapa laa mak bapak mereka. hahahahaha!!! he must be tebatuk2 ada org sebut pasal dia.

nini said...

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Fateen said...

speedy recovery k.. me also got flu but that's bcoz musim skang nie yg sejuk manjang..my body mmg kalah ngan musim yg begini (still I prefer cold places ok..hahhaha) so, everynite tido ngan sweatshirt plus socks...ihikss..

dania dh 2 years ye..happy belated besday ye darling .. wish u get all the good things in u'r life..

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