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January 29, 2009

Cerita Kehidupan

(entry ni mungkin panjang, kalau rajin baca le...tak rajin, xyah susah2...hehehehe)

Last night I had dinner with my dear friend. Her whole family is our family's friend. Her mum is my mum's BFF. Her dad died last year of cancer. Her only brother(she's the eldest of five siblings) died of hit-and-run just few metres away from home, just 2 months after her father. Sedih kan?? Yes, devastating I would say. But she coped well, and during the mourning of her lost, she received a great news. She is pregnant. Some joy to the whole family.

Soon after her delivery (she has a cute daughter), her husband been transfered to Miri. And being quite a wealthy family, she decided to be SAHM and followed hubby to Miri.

And last night we had girly talk over dinner. I thought she been in KL because of the CNY extended weekend holiday. But she's been back since early January. I asked, why didn't she call me up. And she replied, she's miserable, can't think of anything. And there, I realize, she does look a bit miserable, not her usual self.

She's totally opposite of me. She very outgoing, very outspoken. She's a president for a few clubs back in her university in Perth. She managed a few multi million dollar projects under her father's company. She's very passionate when doing something especially while helping her mum in charity works. She's a Mercy member.

But last night, she's none of it. She's just plain woman in distress. After sometime, she opened up. With a cry. It turn out, she is in the process of a divorce. I was stunned!! It never occured in my life I would face somebody close to me is breaking up a marriage. She said her hubby is two timing her, and confessed he's been seeing someone. MAN!!

Bukan niat nak cerita hal buruk tentang orang, sekadar berkongsi supaya dapat jadikan teladan. At least for myself. Sometimes we take things for granted, we assume our husbands will never cheat on us, or vice versa. BUT we must not also assume they cheat on us, kan? Come to think of it, memang patut kursus kahwin diadakan. Dulu asyik gelak-gelak masa penceramah bagi kursus, sekarang bila ingat balik, memang menjadi panduan. Nasib baik simpan lagi buku kursus. hehehehe

Alhamdulillah, mine sudah baru three yrs, and I pray each and everyday our marriage will always kekal bahagia hingga hujung nyawa. Amin

Our dinner ended around 1030pm, and when I drove back, I can't help but cry. Life is not always a bed of roses, its a cycle. Sometimes you are up there, looking down happily, but remember, you can be down and weeping.

renung-renungkan, dan selamat beramal.. ;)


Kak Teh said...

ghessh..anything can happen..that's why we must prepare for anything while trying to prevent anything bad from happening... feel sorry for your fren..may she has guts to lead the life..be strong! tell her she's not alone, she has loving mother, daughter and the rest of her family by her side.

mommylyssa said...

benci betul dgr org cerai berai akibat a third person niii... lagi2 kalau dah ada anak... yang jadi mangsa is the anak... sedih.

mommy said...

tu la. ms dgr tu, mcm tgk drama pun ada. mcm tak caya this thing happen to someone I know.

fazi said...

LELAKI mmg LELAKI, pantang berjauhan mula nak tukar selera, sedey gak baca kisah hidup kwn ko tu evetho aku xkenal dia...

noniey alias said...

sedih je. dah sacrifice macam2 tapi still tak diappreciated. lelaki pk mudah je sebab dia pk hanya dia yang layak kahwin lain. kalau pempuan pun layak kawin 4 gak, mesti takde laki yang sanggup cari lain sebab takut bini pun cari lain gak...

tu lah, kita ni plak, tak tau lah 10 tahun akan datang kekal bahagia ke tak macam hari nih.. berdoa je yang terdaya dibuat disamping bagi yang terbaik..

l i e y n said...

takleh nak cakap le pasal cerai berai ni...sedih!
jgn ingat org yg baru kawin je bercerai. ada tu dah 50++ years kawin pun boleh cerai!
mmg kita nmpk sorang suami tu macam setia je tp dlm senyap2, mana tau?
tp the 3rd person tu yg paling evil sbb kalau dah tau suami org, kenapa kawan gak...tepuk sblh tangan takkan berbunyi kan?

kengkadang, dah buat habis baik..treat him well tp cari lain gak. bile kita jeles kita salah!
hmmmm ntahle...semoga kita semua bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat bersama...tp kalau dah nak jadi jugak, kenalah redha kan? mesti ada hikmah disebalik ketentuanNya kan?

Cutestamoi said...

Hmm, tengok kat opis aku sekarang ni je sudah la.. Ex-skulmate aku pun dah bercerai berai gak.. Nak buat camne, jodoh dah sampai situ. Aku pun doa jugak semua nye elok2 aja utk kite sume.. Aminnn..

Mrs Noba said...

dunia sekarang macam2 boleh jadi.
sebab manusia senang hilang pegangan.
doa2lah supaya kita diberkati..

mommy said...

ye kwn..mari kita jaga perkahwinan kita. bkn jaga hubby je, kita pun kena jaga jugek! :)

Miu said...

life is not always a bed of roses..

yes i do agree with u on this..

my parents have their fair share of problems & divorce which left my sibblings & I distrusting any MEN alive.

Well generally anybody can cheat right given the right circumstances. When I was cheated by my x-bf, i was so in angered that I vow to kill all the baskets alive.. (hahha angry only say this). I wish noone on earth would have to go through the pains of a break up, divorce or death. My heart pains for ur friend too..

be strong!!!!

Fateen said...

I'm speechless, my heart cry for her... but sometimes, bertepuk sebelah tgn xkan jadi.. perempuan juga yg menghancurkan hati perempuan lain..

just remember that itulah ujian Allah, mungkin akan dtg ada perkara yg lebih baik untuknya..

hate it when hear this kind of things happen..