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January 12, 2009

Mak Gedixx!!

Ever since Dania turned 2yrs old young, hubby suggested to make Dania sleeps in her own bed. At first I was wary, simply because she is still breastfeed, and having separate beds is only nuisance for me. Mak tak kosa nak bangun malam2 nak angkut budak bulat comel tu utk nenen. But lately, these past few weeks, she sleeps all night straight. Fuhh!! I am so happy, finally I get my undisturbed beauty sleep.

So, to make it short, we finally agreed to put an extra bed into our room. Since we already have a single bed in the guest room, my mum suggested to use that bed first, just to see how Dania cope. If she's ok, then we can scout for a real gedix princess bed.

Ok, bed matters-settled. Now, we need a bed fence (pagar) to avoid her from falling while asleep. Boy! I didn't know it was so difficult to find one. Went to Ikea, and yes they have bed fence but it was too small for a normal single bed. They have bed fence for a child's bed. Then we scout almost to every furniture shop in KL and to no avail. They sell beds with attached fence but not fence alone. Why lah??!! Help anybody??!!

And while scouting, guess what I found? Its made of steel, its white, and its a 4-poster. Ahhh, very similar to our bed. Mak dah gedixx meroyan time ni. Hubby likes it too... ;)

The only set back is - SPACE!!! *sighhhhhhhh* Nak tau apa??? Look down.....

inilah yang kitorang gedixx meroyankan.. ohh, I can already imagine how I would decorate it!!

So, after failing to get the fence, we settled down with the bed. Currently Dania is still sleeping with us. She only sleeps in her own bed during day time where we can see her. Nanti kalau malam kang, ada yang dung jatuh katil!

she loves her bed. 'Ni katil Niaaa!'

taken yesterday at 4pm.


Cutestamoi said...

Pada pendapatan aku yg yg tak seberapa nie, katil tu memang la lawa.. Mesti Dania suke kalo ko decorate2 itu ini.. But then, please consider pratical ke tak katil tu for Dania? Design lawa, tapi fence kurenggg.. Ade jugak yang terhantuk nanti, bangun2 benjol sane sini.. Sian Nia.. huhu.. Just my 2cents. Hehe

Fateen said...

confirm lawa...tp betullah, tang space tu mmg out.. hai, bertuahnya dania kalau betul mama dia belikan ni...

itu silap2 kang mama nia yg join tido sekali...hahahaa..

mommy said...

mmg la. sgt tak praktikal walaupun sgt gedix itu katil. huhuhu. oh tidak, saya tidak membeli katil itu kerana reganye mencecah 1ribu rm. tidakkkk nyah!!!