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February 20, 2009


I was listening to a song at this very moment when I remembered kejadian ini.

Remember last week, friday or saturday, tv2 showed Shall We Dance movie? Starred by Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and J.Lo?

Ok, all of us (me, hubby, my parents) (dania dh tido) were watching this movie. Well, my hubby and my dad were reading the newspapers and do not paid much attention to the movie. Then, later on, when J.Lo or Paulina was dancing with John (Richard Gere), suddenly my dad made a unsuspected claim,

"Tu J.Lo kan?"

WOW!! To all of our surprises, he recognized J.Lo. To note: my dad couldn't be bothered about artists, local and abroad. He can only recalls few some of the artists namely Erra Fazira, Siti (obviously), Rosyam Nor, Pierce Brosnan, Charles Bronson (this is during his era laa), just to name a few. So we all are really surprised. So my mum asked,

"Camne boleh ingat kenal J.Lo nih?" with a suspicious intriguing tone.

Dengan selamba my dad jawab,

"Tu punggung dia tu, mcm lagu dlu tu"

(lagu dulu refering to lagu My Love don't Cost a Thing, we all love the song at that time cos its catchy)

We all burst into laughter. By this time, he realized he said something bad wrong and quickly fix it by kissing my mum on her cheek. Well, I guess he really recognizes J.Lo because she starred in the movie Enough (we all love this movie too) and not because of her yummylicious butt! *LOL*

Boy! I hope my hubby would not remember somebody's butt for that long!!! Or for anytime for that matter.

p/s: but what if I'm drooling over Matthew Mcconaughey's face and bod?? huhuhuhu


l i e y n said...

hahahahhaha....ur dad is really funny!!! at least he tell the truth!unintentionally....
serius kelakar!

Mrs Noba said...

hahaha...sabor jelah!

mommy said...

;) mmg kena sabo je lah

Cutestamoi said...

Owh. sungguh tak disangke jugak bapakmu iteww.. ahahahaha..

noniey alias said...

hehehehee.. lawak lah plak... bos pun lawak jugak ek kat rumah..hehehe

noniey alias said...

hehehehee.. lawak lah plak... bos pun lawak jugak ek kat rumah..hehehe

Kak Teh said...

boleh tahan ya Uda ..hehehe!