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March 23, 2009

Changed Opinion

Have you read The Star on Sunday, on lifestyle column to be precise? There's an article by Dzireena Mahathir (a fashion columnist) on Confessions of a Shopaholic (I must watch this, erma, jom laaa!!)

Anyway, she reviewed the movie etc. But what caught my attention the most was these;

At lunch recently, my friend Charlotte brought up my column footnote that states I never pay retail. Another friend Cleo interjected that if that’s the case, we might let a one-of-a-kind purchase slip through our fingers. In my opinion, you should decide for yourself if it’s really worth the price.
I advise never to pay retail because I think everything is overpriced in this country. When some people tell me they’re too intimidated to walk into a luxury store, let alone check out the prices, I think that’s a ridiculous notion! I do it all the time.
How can you be a smart shopper if you don’t do price comparisons? Never make assumptions, always check, and if there’s no price tag, ASK. That’s what sales assistants are for. And it doesn’t matter how you’re dressed, it’s the attitude. Walk into the store as if you own it and they’ll fall all over you.

And there and then I thought to myself, "hey! that's practically me. I'm so scared to enter a luxury shop like LV because I know I cannot afford it and I know they will look at me with that look"
Whoa!! Dzireena's comment really make sense. And it just hit me, kalau nak masuk, masuk jek! And I was so glad I did just that with my friend last Friday (dalam hati takut jugak!) If you want to read more of the article, its here and if you want to read more on Dzireena's other articles, read here.

p/s: btw, the SA in LV KLCC didn't gave us that look at all. They are all very friendly and pleasant people. So sorry to have such an impression on you..my apologies!!!


Umi Nawfal said...


a sudden change of mind??

bagus.. bagus..

Cutestamoi said...

Nak tgk Confession of Shopaholic ka? Mari mari. I've make En. An agree to watch this movie. Ke nak gi gegirls only? Huu..
For me: certain luxury boutiques memang I just dun have the guts to go. Ahahaha. Pengecut rupenye aku nie.. heee

MommyDania said...

acu: change for better..hehe

erma: jom..belasah la, single ke, bwk laki ke, bwk anak ke? nak ke anak aku duk diam nt? huhuhuhu

Kak Teh said...

I told you... nak masuk, masuk ja...... walk with confident. And it doesn't mean when u don't buy anything from that shop/boutique, u'r a "looser" (I just use this word, cannot think of any other words at this time :B ). Be a smart shopaholic!

MommyDania said...

Kak aya: i like the term u use 'be a smart shopaholic'!! cool!!!