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March 19, 2009

Coach bag for sale!

I'm selling this Coach bag on behalf of my friend who just touched down from US. She got it at a bargain. Akak tak reti nak promo, so kalau minat email me kay!

size wise, if put on shoulder its not very big. just nice.
ada button pocket kt belakang

the coach clip (is it?) with prints in blue

inside lining is dark blue hence gambar tak clear. ada one zip pocket, 2 small pockets for your handphone/s and/or compact powder etc

the tag and care card rasanye)

The factory price is at $379.00 which is RM1400+.

She bought it during sale and we're selling it at RM1050 only. What a steal kan???

I have one too...hehehhe...

Fret not, this is very authentic and new. My friend said this is limited edition so you won't find it at Msia..memang pun, I've checked!

We accept installment of 2 times. Please email me at fatin.budiman@gmail.com.


l i e y n said...

for me mahal tu!
i'll get one but i prefer tote bag...
thiz one is also nice!!!

MommyDania said...

lieyn: nk buat cmno, coach maa! rega asal USD379. huhuhu

m-i-o said...

very nice!
btw, come to my blog 2 collect ur tag ya:)