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April 3, 2009

Are You Smarter Than the Fifth Grader?

I am sure most of you have watched this gameshow. Well, I don't feel quite right to call it a GAMEshow, educationalshow perhaps? Nevermind.

But what amazes me is, the tonnes of subject and knowledge a fifth grader has to absorb. Not only the basic language, maths but they also learn world history, social sciences, world geography, culture and what else. WOW!!!

I am not comparing our education system with the US, but we can at least look up to their comprehensive method. From what I know, they do not really practise theory then exam kind of format (macam sekolah kita ni), they have lotsa practical involvement in class, to stimulate the kids brain and creativity. My cousin (now she's form 1) who used to stay in Nairobi, Kenya (when she's 8 or 9yrs old) depress bila balik sekolah kt sini. She said her syllabus is shallow, she learnt those before. Here, we only learn world history in form 4, ke 5 kan?

I think the government should start planning on changing bit by bit and care less for the politics. Think of our future leaders (hey! our kids we're talking about here you know!), not just think of sapa menang post itu dan ini!.


m-i-o said...

yup. sy ada sorang kawan ni, dulu masa kita sekolah rendah dia kat international school in hong kong. dia kata mmg jauh beza.

sini dia cakap macam byk sangat belajar tp macam takde impact gitu. kt oversea, diorang mcm 'main-main' je tp sebenarnya byk belajar.

errrr....get what i mean?

l i e y n said...

i agree! i watch this show a lot n lots of questions ask i don't know the answers...i'm sure i'm not smarter than the 5th grader...but i learnt a lot from this show...miss the new season last friday..sigh*

Umi Nawfal said...

nope, im not.. tapi mmg smarter than budak darjah 5 la.. jauh beza ye??

MommyDania said...

m-i-o: i know what u meant. mmg lain. my cousin tu took several yrs to adapt dgn school sini.

lieyn: mmg. aku pun byk belajar. a ery good show kan?

acu: i pun smarter than bdk darjah 5, but i'm not sure i ni smarter than the fth grader. huhuhuhu