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May 14, 2010


Coach Pink Patent Wristlet

Longchamp Foldable Bag

Longchamp Vou Poulomne Bag

Olla uols! This is my first time selling high end brand bags. Very excited indeed, especially with all the bags at my house. Hari-hari tengok boleh? Ohh, fret not, they are all authentic lagi original bags all the way from USA. I am actually helping out my mom's friend to habiskan stok so that she can go again and get some other cool stuff. Oh, if you dont like whatever I have, you can order anything you like ie Coach, Longchamp, Gucci, MBMJ etc. You name it babeh! Just give us the details ie brand, style number, color, size & url of the prefered bag and we will get back to you about the price etc.

Visit my sales shop at treasure-spot ye! Happy browsing and hopefully happy shopping ;)


Anonymous said...

dah tgk dah. LC yg tu mmg color & size idaman.. tp skrg x blh grab lagi. tabung x penuh lg ;)

DrSinga said...

hari2 boleh melaram kejap...

FAM said...

Has: yg pink ka? hehehe...xpe, dh ada habaq mai noo

IS: kak, melaram dpn cermin je la. huhuhuhu