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December 21, 2008


On Tuesday, I visited my BFF who gave birth the day before. She delivered a healthy baby girl weighing 3.8kg....oh yes, she is one chubby baby.

See? Isn't she's chubby??? macam mak dia. te hee hee..

She delivered thru caesarean because of some complications namely high blood preasure, slow heart beat of the baby and her dilation is very slow. So her doc decided to operate.

When I visited her, she was fine, a little too tired to move due to the operation, painkillers etc. The baby was placed in the nursery to avoid viral infections and what not. So whenever my BFF wants to BF (it rhymes laa) or to see her baby, she needs to go to the nursery. And I happen to watch her having so much difficulty to get up from the bed, getting into the wheelchair and so on. (baru saya tau seksanya bersalin caesarean ni!! Mak insaf!)

God!! It makes me so thankful as I delivered normally without epidural whatsoever. Although I heard from relatives and friends, even after normal delivery, you are still dizzy, ting tong, your body is so weak you cannot move and walk. Alhamdulillah, I didn't experience that. I felt weak but not so weak I can walk around by myself. And that's what makes my mum & MIL constantly nagging at me to stay still and not move or walk freely.

I delivered 5 days later from the EDD. Disebabkan baby songsang, doc advise untuk menterbalikkan kedudukan baby dlm rahim saya. I dh lupa apa nama prosedur itu. And thats why baby lambat engage dan menyebabkan kelahiran delay 5 days. Itu pun kena induce sebab dilation slow. After induce, 2 to 3 hours later only I felt the contraction very rapid. 3hours in the labour room and I finally pushed a girl out to see the world.

just moments after birth. she's all smiling in a sleep. ;)

Nevertheless, I am very bersyukur I can deliver normally to a baby girl today, two years ago.

happy two years young!!!

Mummy and abah love you so much.

Mummy and abah doakan Dania jadi anak yang solehah, taat pada Allah dan mummy & abah. Amin.

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