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March 6, 2009

Burger! Finally!

Remember my previous entry on craving for burgers? And I also found that my other blog friends were also craving for it too..hahah!!
Finally I succumbed to the idea of making the burger myself. And indeed, it was yummeh! All in the family had happy tummy while watching Raja Lawak last week.

Dah buat sendirikan, ingredients bagai mesti over sket laa..cukup lemak semua. Haahahaha!!

And this one, she's happy too eating her rice & brocolli porridge.

1 comment:

CikChelsea said...

u're making me very lapaaaaa...adeehh since boikot mcd...xmakan burger smpi skrg...ni yg nk kua jap lg g beli bahan..mari masak2...muahahaha ;p