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June 9, 2009

The Car and Me

Cam dah lama tak buat tag game nih. Meh kita buat yang ni pulak. Its all about cars babe!

1. When do you get your driving licence?

Right after I finished my SPM examination. Teruja nak jadi supir...

2. Your first car is...?

I got Wira Aeroback from my parents in my last year in Uni. Then when I started working, I continue paying the monthly installment.

3. What type is your car now?

Type eh? Keta kecik...

4. Do you choose your plate number or was it given?

Kinda choose

5. What is the color of your car?


6. Reveal 3 most important things in your car.

Smart tag

Spare shoes

Kotak tisu

7. Have you ever got yourself into accident?

Yeap! I was okay, the car was not. Lesson of the day, jgn follow keta depan rapat2 *dang*

8. When is the due for your insurance & road tax?

That reminds me, its next month!!!

9. Do you plan to change your car?

Boleh jadi Optimus Prime tak? kah kah kah

Yes, in the future.

10. Let's make your friend do this too. Who would you choose?

I choose;


mama adib


queenin's mind

mrs noba

Sila-silalah buat yek. Thank you ;)


MN said...

oh, i'll do it :)

Zuhaini said...

haha.. wira aeroback 1st car..? aduhai.. kalu keta cute kan best! :) senang mencilok! :)

-x pa, skrg boleh la mencilok dengan kereta comel itu

anna said...

wokeh mak buat skrg

MommyDania said...

zuhaini: bg keta apa pun mak rempit jugak. hahahaahah

Mama Adib said...

wah silap log in laa,
anna kat atas tu aku okeh

jua said...

kalo tukar jadi transfomers jangan lupa bgtau kat i..i teringin nak naik wooo

kirana said...

weh apsal tak tag aku hahahahahah

wehh besday nia sama ngn aisya anak aku ler..hehehe