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December 29, 2009

Curious Kids Need to be Tough Inside

I know its last minute. Very last minute but I saw Nuffnang extended the contest till midnite today so I thought to myself, why not?!

Please please excuse the very-not-creative creation of the picture. I have no idea what to put in to make it different, although I like to scene of Abah and Dania so much. Talk about tough huh?

Meet my daughter, Dania. She's three last December 21st. She's one healthy babykid. She only started on formula when she's about 1 year. At that point she was on both breastmilk and formula as I exclusively breastfed her. Eversince she was born, she hardly got sick, I mean really sick, just the normal fever, flu and sore throat. Thanks to all the nutrition she gets from the mommy's milk and the formulated milk.

As an active kid, she loves outdoors very much. And that is why I need to keep her healthy and tough inside. With Frisoshield and P2 Dual system, Friso Gold Growing Up Formula Milk is definitely a big help! What more, they provide Prebiotic with the combo of GOS and FOS that helps increase intestinal bifidobacteria and maintain good intestinal environment. I may not know and understand fully these terms but it definitely helps Dania to stay healthy and active all day long, inside and outside the house.

Ohh...what more, Nuffnang and Friso Gold is having A Family Day Out at One Utama this coming Saturday. I do hope I get the chance to go as to let Dania let loose and play as much as she wants while abah and mommy do some mingling and eating and getting more info especially with a baby coming really soon!

Lets be tough, inside and out!


Anonymous said...

sempat lagi. igtkan fatin dah tau... harap kita leh jumpa sabtu nnt . gud luck...

MommyDania said...

Has: tau gitu2 je, xsmpt nak ambik tau sgt. tu la..harap2 dpt la pg :)