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January 20, 2010

Online Shopping

Some people just love online shopping while some others don't bother. Or perhaps scared of being cheated, addicted etc. And some people find it impossible to virtual shop and not looking at the stuff beforehand.

As for me, I like it both, virtual and reality shopping. But I limit myself to online shopping to things I know for sure or I have seen it beforehand. For instance, books. I sometimes purposely buy the books I like through online rather than from the bookstore. Usually they give some discounts if you purchase online. Jimat!! And I buy stuff that I know I'm gonna need them but feeling malas to go to the store especially when its not at the usual mall or anything.

I'm talking about spare parts for breastpumps and nursing bras. Where can you find these things at the mall? Takde kan? Memang usually from online shops like momslittlesones, thelilcaliph and fabulousmom ajelah.

So I bought few stuff from momslittleones. Nursing bra and spare parts for my spectra3 breastpump. Paid the item yesterday and voila, today dah sampai! Efisyen sungguh. I know the person who owns momslittleones personally so kalau nak beli apa-apa from there, buy with confidence. Bukan nak promote just to share. *wink*

Ohh...online shopping ni tidak terhadkan, handbags, shoes, kids clothes, pinggan mangkuk etc. Memang boleh addicted uols!!! *evil laugh*


pu3natul said...

i go weak when it comes to online shopping. cannot tahan. semua benda nk beli.

MommyDania said...

Pu3: kann?? its so easy tu pasal cannot tahan.