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September 29, 2010

Blog is where the heart is.

One thing good about blogging or blogsphere is you get to know different places, foods, fashions, lifestyles, information, news etc. Not to mention friends! I never thought I get so many friends virtually and able to meet up physically. My circle of friends has expanded.

Then came the influence factor from bloggers. When one person blog about something good, you tend to test it yourself. Be it food or fashion, music or movie or even take the extra mile to go to the places that bloggers brag about. We just had to test it. No?

For instance, many bloggers blather about the infamous red velvet cake. And falling for the trap, I have tried it (once) and didn't fancy it much. Or maybe I should tried it more often at different places. Through blogsphere I get to know about chefel pan which my mom and I love to the max. Thanks to LV.

More often we are searching high and low for something that came to an end and suddenly, a blogger mentioned it and walla, you found it. Isn't it amazing what blog/s can do onto others?

And I am also proud and honored to be the influence and reference to others about something. Ohh...I do hope the influence and reference are for a good cause ye! Jangan nanti bawak mudarat, cakap ni FAM punya pasal la nih..........larikkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

ps: this is my 945th entry. never thought I will be rambling these much. hahahahahaha


KV said...

mmg dgn blog buat minda kita berkembang. Ewahhhh

Anonymous said...

babe, eventho i dont blog n a silent reader. Yup..its true...i love reading it...banyak tips n info...

(been bloging in 2005 (sempatlah dpt 5 -10 entry but then stop....)

hae hanafi

FAM said...

KV: minda berkembang takpe kak, jgn kita yg kembang. hehehe

Hae: why stop? continue la. hehehe

Joy said...

FAM..gara² u cite pasal msk guna chefel...i pun beli chefel..mmg best ;)

FAM said...

Joy: glad u find it useful. mmg best kan?

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

hahahhaahhaa...ur sambal ikan bakar terbaik! hehehehhe
suke giler...
i confirm jadi regular customer u tau!